Techno Functional Consultant (Supply Chain Management)

Salmiya, Kuwait


• A bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, software engineering, information systems, business administration, supply chain management or a related field.

• Certifications in the proposed ERP solution, such as SAP, Oracle, etc.

• Certifications in cloud computing, such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, or Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect.

• Certifications in related technologies such as SQL, data analysis, business analysis, specific programming languages & security.


o At least 5+ years of experience in ERP implementation, configuration, customization, integration, and support.

o Experience in the supply chain management module and localization for different countries and regions is a must.

o Experience in the airline industry and its specific supply chain needs and regulations is a plus.

o Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

o A knowledge of the aviation industry supply chain management and its specific challenges & opportunities is a plus.

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Analyze the client’s supply chain processes, requirements and pain points.

- Design, develop and test ERP solutions that meet the client’s needs and expectations.

- Provide training, documentation, and post-implementation support to the client.

- Coordinate with other consultants, developers, and stakeholders to ensure smooth delivery of the project.

- Stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in ERP software, supply chain management and the airline industry.

- Deliver high-quality ERP solutions that align with the client’s vision and strategy.

- Ensuring compliance with the airline industry regulations and policies regarding data privacy, security, and governance.

- Communicate effectively with the client and manage expectations and risks.

- Troubleshoot and resolve any issues or challenges that arise during the project.

- Provide feedback and suggestions for continuous improvement of the ERP software and the consulting services.