ACC Philosophy (Mission Statement):

Specialized services company, one of our objectives would be to provide fast, reliable , and convenient 24×7 SLA “ Service level agreements “ as well as proactive services which is highly appreciated by customers and willingness to pay for these services.

ACC has three lines of business help our clients’ success by fully leveraging the value of IT in support of their mission:

  1. Business Solutions & Services Sector:
    • Industry-specific, technology-enabled business solutions,
    • Industry-specific business process outsourcing solutions,
    • Consulting and systems integration, and
    • Software and systems development
  2. Managed Services Sector:
    • Secure IT management for applications and infrastructure
    • Application portfolio management,
    • Testing services,
    • Remote infrastructure services,
    • Network, computing, and storage services, and
    • Mobility and end-user services
  3. Public Sector:
    • Program management and professional services,
    • Systems integration,
    • Range and base operations,
    • Infrastructure services, and
    • Specialized engineering solutions and services

ACC at Glance:

Our major objective is to directly impact our client’s profitability, productivity, service capability and efficiency. In order to achieve this objective, we focus on quantifiable value added services that allow our clients to recognize and measure significant improvements in the operation of their business.

  • Management: Saed Al-Awadi & Abdulraouf Al-Awadi
  • Financial: Supported by Diesel International Company
  • Services: Specialized Services Company is one of our objectives would be to provide the following services:
  • ACC have the capability to deliver Enterprise business solutions for large corporations which have large networks including hardware, software and the required employee to implement the requirements of the specific organizations.
  • ACC have a 24/7 contact center that receives and monitor service call until completion and customer satisfaction. ACC has been recognized its afford to give the best customer service by having ISO9001-2000, the worldwide standard of customer satisfaction.
  • Maintenance contracts one of the main services of ACC is to ensure that their companies do not suffer any business downtime. Maintaining your hardware which in the vast majority of cases proves more cost effective than purchasing new equipment. Many different types of maintenance contract are available. Most are on-site contracts where an engineer comes to your premises to fix the problem.
  • The required technical staff and engineers with many years of experience in: installation, maintenance and support of a vast range of printers, pcs, network, mainframe, storage, servers and cabling.
  • Pre-sales and after-sales support that ensure chosen of the right technology for our customer requirements before buying, deploying and maintaining its IT infrastructure. Combined with our commitment, knowledge, expertise and after sales service, we can effectively deliver powerful business solutions to our customers.
  • IT Outsourcing: enable companies to consign its IT related facilities, man power and   hardware to an IT specialized company.
  • ACC is pleased to offer the customers a range of trainings options to empower them to operate and maintain the system and software which they purchased by someone who won the right to membership of a professional association by completing an accredited program of training and examination, to deliver customized expert services to client organizations.
  • High availability, disaster recovery, high computing, high performance and consolidation services.
  • ACC is ISO 9001:2008 Standards Quality Assurance Certified.
  • ACC is ISO 27001 Information Management Security System Certified.